Company name KANEYO CO., Ltd.
President Director Yukinobu Nishino
Date of Establishment November 11, 1935
Capital ¥703.31 million
Accounting period Year ending March 31
Annual turnover ¥13.6 billion (year ended March, 2019)
Employees 64
Location Headquarters
13F Osaka Center Building
4-1-3 Kyutaromachi
Chuo-ku, Osaka City, 541-0056 [See map]
Tel: 06-6243-6500 (switchboard)
Fax: 06-6243-6630
Business Administration Department Tel: 06-6243-6601 Fax: 06-6243-6630
Personnel and General Affairs Department Tel: 06-6243-6500 Fax: 06-6243-6630
Finance and Accounting Department Tel: 06-6243-6521 Fax: 06-6243-6630
Bedding & Interior Department Tel: 06-6243-6615/6781 (Osaka)
Tel: 03-3552-5901 (Tokyo)
Fax: 06-6243-6780
Fax: 03-3552-5908
Life Material Department No. 1 Section
Tel: 06-6243-6686/6638/6565
Fax: 06-6243-6660
Textile and Material Trading Department Textile and Material Section
Tel: 06-6120-5704

Middle East Section
Tel: 06-6120-5703
Fax: 06-6120-5841
Fax: 06-6120-5842
Tokyo Sales Office 2F GGIC Kyobashi Building
1-6-1 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041
[See map]
Tel: 03-3552-5901/5902/5905 Fax: 03-3552-5908
Fukui Office 3F Fukui Yamamoto Building
1-2201 Seiwa, Fukui City
[See map]
Tel: 0776-21-2550 Fax: 0776-21-2562
Overseas Offices Milan Branch
Via Gustavo FARA 39 20124, Milan, Italy

Jakarta Office
Taipei Office
Hong Kong Office
Stock market Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Customers' locations China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, UK, Middle East, other
Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Norinchukin Bank
Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
Minato Bank, Ltd.
Associated companies Kanematsu Corporation
Kanex Corporation
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13F Osaka Center Building

4-1-3 Kyutaromachi

Chuo-ku, Osaka City, 541-0056

Tel: 06-6243-6500 (switchboard) Fax: 06-6243-6630

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