Textile & Material Section

The key station of the Textile and Material Section is located in Osaka, with overseas offices in Milan and over locations. The Section also works closely with agents in various countries in the pursuit of its wide-ranging global business operations, from clothing to functional materials for industrial applications and fashion textiles.

Main products handled by the Textile and Material Section by office location
  Osaka Milan Jakarta Taipei Hong Kong

Osaka Headquarters

In addition to exporting high value-added Made-in-Japan materials and importing raw materials for industrial and fashion applications, the Osaka Headquarters also serves as the control tower that leads the trading operations of the overseas offices.
Staff members with extensive experience working overseas, together with assistants who are experienced in the administrative aspects of trade operations, work together with Kaneyo’s overseas offices and our agents in the various countries to respond promptly to the needs of the market and our customers and to boost the expansion of our global textile and material operations.

Milan Branch

Our Milan Branch, located in the north of Italy, the source point for popular fashion and trends, is a key location for our business operations. It is responsible for sales to all parts of Europe, including Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

For many years, the branch has operated an inventory-based sales system, procuring products to meet our customers’ needs from the Asian market and delivering them in a timely manner.

The main materials it handles range from clothing applications, such as men’s shirts, to greige cloth for bedding, curtains, and other home textiles. The branch offers material procurement support to the supply chain, in which the colors and patterns of the various Italian and other European manufacturers are added and the materials are delivered to the end user.


Jakarta Office

The ASEAN textile industry has flourished since olden times, and Jakarta has been an important center in that industry. Kaneyo’s Jakarta office maintains close relationships with Japanese textile manufacturers and sells clothing material not only to Japan, but also to Asian countries, Europe and the Americas, particularly South America, and to South Africa.
In light of the recent growth in Indonesia’s economy and purchasing power, the Jakarta Office is devoting efforts to direct sales to local clothing factories and apparel companies in a bid to further expand its business.

Taipei Office

Although hampered by the rapid expansion of China’s textile industry, the Taiwanese textile industry is shifting from labor-intensive to technology-intensive production and making efforts to strengthen its export competitiveness. Within that industry, Kaneyo’s Taipei Office handles high value-added materials, such as functional materials and environmentally-friendly materials.
Leveraging the knowledge and experience it has cultivated in the course of expanding its offerings to include materials for industrial applications as well as clothing applications, we have recently started exporting exceptionally high value-added Made-in-Japan products to Taiwan. We are pursuing the further expansion of our business in industrial applications.

Hong Kong Office

The Hong Kong market, which is a sourcing center for European and American fashion brands, is a location for the accumulation of Japanese and Asian materials, serving as a window to the growing Chinese market.
Kaneyo’s Hong Kong Office has a particular focus on textiles for dress shirt applications produced in Indonesia, China, and other locations, and of Made-in-Japan textiles.
Hong Kong

Raw Material Trading

We handle natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, and various types of synthetic fibers, which continue to evolve.
In natural fibers, we import wool materials, which were the founding business of our company, from leading suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, and cotton from prominent Japanese mills based in Asia and ASEAN whose quality control can be relied on.
In synthetic fibers, we procure staple fibers whose main applications are non-woven cloth, spun yarn whose main applications are industrial material applications and filament yarn whose functionality is being developed, from Taiwan, Indonesia, and a wide range of other sources for sale in Japan, Europe and USA.
In particular, we have maintained strong demand for the 66 Nylon filament yarn that we sell in Japan for both knit and woven fabric for apparel applications and have built up a long track record for this product, thanks to its characteristic texture and deep luster.

Greige Cloth Trading

We sell greige cloth made with cotton and polyester source from South Asia, widely across the whole of Europe.
We sell fabric made with premium Pima cotton to famous European brands for use in luxury men’s shirts. Polyester greige cloth are turned into blind cloth by European mills and sold to leading interior brands in Scandinavia.
Greige cloth made with special-specification fibers, are dyed with vibrant colors and delicate patterns by traditional Italian finishing mills. The final products, namely bedding from leading brands, make their way to consumers via luxury department stores in Europe and USA.
We keep these products in inventory at our European location so we can deliver them to our customers promptly when they are needed.

Textile Trading

We sell Made-in-Japan fashion fabrics to European, American, Hong Kong, and Chinese markets.
Until recently, our exports centered on synthetic filament textiles for women’s apparel, such as triacetate and polyester, but due to growing demand in Europe and the Americas, we have started handling premium worsted textiles and are striving to expand our target customer groups and sales channels.
We have also embarked on the expansion of autonomous offshore business between our overseas offices. Collaborations between the Taiwan and Hong Kong offices and European sales of Indonesian materials are two examples of our global operations for our textiles trading business.
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