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Kaneyo Co., Ltd. is the unsung hero of bedding. You may not see our company’s name, but you will have encountered our products in various places.

Kaneyo’s down futon quilts are made by manufacturers in Japan using quality raw down imported from overseas.
We also import products from overseas to meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers.

Down futon quilts are arguable the leading type of Japanese bedding today.
As a trading company specializing in lifestyle and interior products, we have established our own channels for sourcing down, the raw material in down quilts. We import quality goose and duck down, which are turned into products by Japanese manufacturers, under our motto of safety and peace of mind.
Once manufactured, our quilts pass through wholesalers and are sold to consumers at leading department stores, specialty retailers, and major mail order companies.
Down quilt

Kaneyo is a pioneer that popularized the name of “mouton (sheepskin)” in Japan. We offer a variety of products, such as sheets, rugs, cushions, and slippers.

A pioneer that popularized sheepskin products throughout Japan, Kaneyo has been handling sheepskin products for approximately 40 years.
This is a product that could only have come from Kaneyo, with our history as the research center of Kanematsu Corporation, which imported raw sheepskins from Australia for use in spinning yarn.
Against that historical background, we have established an integrated structure from product planning to sales, which is held in high regard by our customers.
We have developed products from natural materials that can be used for all manner of applications, including fleece, cushions, slippers, sheets, and rugs.
Kanematsu Corporation was the first Japanese trading company to import wool from Australia. Leveraging the connections that Kanematsu established in that trade, we select the best raw sheepskins in our efforts to provide customers with better quality products at reasonable prices.
In particular, the majority of our imports come from the industry’s largest factory in China.
These select raw materials, which have been made into products by a large, excellent factory that has also undergone a rigorous selection process, are delivered to customers through major bedding wholesalers and catalog houses with which we have built up long and stable relationships.
Sheepskin products

With the theme of “All-season Comfort”, we carefully assess the materials that will be best suited to bedding, before developing and commercializing products.

Our partner factories in Japan and overseas manufacture safe, reliable, and high quality bed and bedding products, including mattresses and pillows made with functional materials, bedding made with gauze, and quilts made with high quality silk.
We develop our unique materials in collaboration with material manufacturers, including major yarn manufacturers and manufacturers that specialize in development.
Whether in Japan or overseas, we procure superior quality from these material manufacturers.
We are also pursuing functions in our material that embody “refreshing in summer” and ”warm comfort in winter,” and create products that make the most of the strengths of natural and synthetic fibers.
Our functional bedding products are delivered to customers through wholesalers and other channels.
We have jointly developed functional pillows to match the standard of beds that are found in major hotel chains.
These pillows have received high praise from guests of those hotels.
Functional pillow

We offer high-grade interiors from Japan and overseas.

Carpet, rugs, and interior goods

We meet a wide range of needs for interior goods that offer sophisticated design and quality to suit the times, importing and selling Belgian carpets, Portuguese sofa covers, French cushion covers, and Indian cotton rugs. We also regularly conduct joint development with Japanese carpet manufacturers on the development of carpets and rugs that are treated to be antibacterial, dust mite-resistant, and antiviral.
We sell our products through various channels including major catalogue houses, mass retailers, and specialty stores. We have also started doing business with major on-line shopping and TV shopping companies, a sector that has seen considerable growth in recent years.
Space Rugs Vol.8 new
Wilton carpet from Belgium Wilton carpet from Belgium
Wilton carpet from Turkey Gobelin-weave cushion covers from France
Reversible figured bedcover from Portugal Wilton carpet from Belgium
Cotton rugs from India 

Establishment of Logistics System

We collaborate with Kanematsu Group companies to operate more efficient logistics systems. They include integrated services such as collecting products from factories in China, shipping them in containers, importing them to Japan and transporting them within Japan, and inventory control in China.
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