Basec policy on corporate governance

We strive to strengthen our corporate governance to ensure our legitimacy as a company and to fulfill our responsibility to society. We will enhance our corporate governance so that we may be valued by our stakeholders, including our shareholders, suppliers, and employees, and to raise our corporate value.

1. Corporate Governance Structure We have established a Board of Directors and a Management Meeting as company organs. The Management Meeting meets at least once a week and the Board Meeting meets at least once a month to make decisions regarding basic management policies and other important matters, and to give directions and guidance for the execution of our operations.
We have adopted a Board of Corporate Auditors system, comprising three auditors - one internal auditor and two external auditors (one of whom is an independent external auditor). Auditing by these three auditors is functioning effectively, with audits of the company and our subsidiaries being conducted in a timely manner. The auditors also attend important meetings, including those of the Board Meeting, Management Meeting, and the various committees, and audit the execution of their duties by the directors.
Considering the importance of legal compliance, we have established compliance structures to make it easier to obtain compliance-related information and to encourage directors and employees to maintain a consistent awareness of compliance in the execution of their duties. We also seek advice when appropriate from external legal counsel and certified public accountants regarding corporate management and the execution of business overall from legal perspectives.

  The company has no personal, capital, or business relationships or any other interests with its external directors, external auditors, external legal counsel, or certified public accountants.

2. Timely Disclosure
We will pursue fair and highly transparent corporate management by making prompt and accurate disclosure of important information regarding the company’s management to all stakeholders, including our shareholders, suppliers, and employees.
We will also conduct timely disclosures to the Stock Exchange, and pursue investor relations activities, including information disclosure on our website.

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